Outdoor photos

Updated: Mar 1, 2018

Best suited for babies over 6 months that can sit on their own, as we don't want young

babies laying in the grass and that are not able to hold their head up. I make the exception and do the odd newborn session in the summer if, it's not to hot, not to cold, not to windy... over 25 degrees lots of factors to consider but if it's what you're looking for let me know. Due to the nature of the possibility of the booked outdoor newborn, should the weather not be suitable we move to studio as they maybe too old for a reschedule and the weather may never be just right!

“Larger families and those with older children get the most of of an outdoor session as we can move around freely and make the most of the outdoor structures.”

Why does it cost $25 more to go anywhere but Pinhey's Point? Other locations are too far from the studio that I cannot book sessions at both places in the same day. Pinhey's Point is only 8 minutes from the studio so I can go back and forth as needed and also grab a couple of props if need be. Also if someone wants to move their session indoors that's also a possibility depending on the weather.

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