Styling your shots

Updated: Mar 1, 2018

Based on wether your baby is sleeping or not is how I decide what are the best poses for your newborn.

Love love love sibling photos, wether you have your own ideas from pinterest of if you leave it up to me we will get the best shots your family will cherish for a lifetime.

“Some of the most beautiful moments are taken by surprise, when everything just clicks.”

Reality versus Pinterest what is the difference between natural lighting and studio and what poses work best for newborns. Honestly nothing bothers me more than a newborns face smushed in a blanket and their body a mess. Anyone can do that but it won't be me! I take the time to make sure their face is the most important part of the photo and take the shots quickly so that we can get as many great poses as possible.

What to wear?

This is entirely up to you, for many reasons, I don't know your style or your wardrobe. What I do know is that I will choose something that best suits what you are wearing and make suggestions wether dark or light or a pattern of colours. I can work with anything. My only no no would be black outdoors, it's not my favourite and I find it kind of harsh and flat. Think what matches with green because there is a hellofa lot of green outside in the summer, and a lot of brown in the fall.. you can wear it don't get me wrong but for outdoors black is not my fave.

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